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Mommy Day

This day used to KILL me.  I hated the church service where they ask all the mothers to stand up so they can recognize them.  I never stood up.  I wanted to scream

“What about the mothers who have babies in heaven?”

Mothers day has always been such a depressing, lonely and annoying day for me.  It was always hard to watch the Moms being celebrated.  Not because I didn’t want them to feel loved it was my own selfish hurt and pain. I have had my two abortions and I was always reminded by the enemy of the gut wrenching pain of that on Mothers Days.

I finally came to a sweet spot with Jesus about Mothers Day.  He reminded me that I AM A MOMMY.  He reminded me how loved I am by my littles in heaven. He reminded me that I am and will always be a Mom.  I had my two abortions years ago and it turned Mothers Day into a terrible lie and reminder that I was not a Mom.  Not only was I not a Mom, He tricked me into believing that I will never be a Mom.  I remember feeling like no one understands.

The lie was broken a couple years ago when my sweet husband celebrated mothers day with me.  He recognized that my two babies were mine and they are in heaven and I AM A MOM!!!!!!

It was a beautiful and painful all at the same time on that Mothers Day in 2012.

I am now a proud step-mom to the most amazing kids alive!  I am redeemed and am still reminded by my sweet Jesus that my babies are dancing with Him and I cannot wait to see them one day.


If you are reading this and you have babies here on earth, babies in heaven or do not have little ones yet……CELEBRATE Mothers Day!  We are born to be Mommy’s.  You already are a Mommy!  Enjoy the day, celebrate with your loved ones and remember if your church recognizes Moms and wants moms to stand up…STAND UP!!!!! I will stand with you!

sam and i

Praying for all Mommy’s this weekend, mommy’s with babies in heaven, Moms with babies on earth and Moms that don’t have their babies yet.  I pray that you feel deeply loved first by Jesus and you enjoy your Sunday of rest and love.

I know the pain, I know the loneliness, I know the anger.  I am with you.  Mothers Day is hard.  This Mothers Day I am choosing to celebrate.  I am choosing to celebrate being a crazy fun Step-mom, a Mom to babies in heaven, Mom to my earthly children that are coming one day and loving all the Moms out there.

Choose life.  Choose Joy.  Choose Peace. Your not alone.

He will redeem.  He will break the chains.  He will make all things new.

Happy Mommy Day to my Mommy’s out there.