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As we go into the New Year I think about what did my year previously looked like and what does my upcoming year look like. 

We all put together our list of goals, dreams and resolutions. 

This year our family did a bucket list and a dream list with my husband and kids. It was sweet to see what the kids are dreaming about and wanting out of this year. Some things that they wrote down are for many years to come but it is great to teach them to dream big

This year I have spent some time with Jesus asking Him what He wants us to do this year. I have spent some quiet moments with Him asking about what this year looks like with Him. 

This morning was a sweet morning of Him reminding me that He’s got me!!
He’s got you too. 

I wanted to share a couple things you could do with you or you and your family to kick off a new year of dreaming. 

  • Get the whole family together. All ages! Get poster board and markers, pray and ask the Lord for him to reveal anything that He wants them to do, also don’t forget to dream with eachother to do things together. Make memories. Everyone write down their own dreams/bucket list and hopes for the year, then share with eachother. It’s sweet to see what everyone write 
  • Spend time alone with Jesus praying and asking what He wants you to do this year. It may be rest! It may be a tangible thing. Just ask and listen. You will be amazed of how simple He is and how much he really just want more of your heart
  • Start a memory jar. Get a huge mason jar and keep notecards and throughout the year add little notes of memories and at the end of each year read them all together. 
  • You and your spouse get together and dream. Dream of what this year looks like for you both. What do you want to do together? 

I am NOT an expert. It’s hard day to day to remember about these lists throughout the mess of life!! I keep asking the lord to help me!!! Lordy I am a mess! I need all the help I can get. 

This year He is wanting me to fall backwards. – I’ll be writing about what that means and looks like for me!
Blessings. Xo