Meet Alexa

alexaFleeing a life filled with abandonment, lies, deception, partying, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, sex and eventually abortion, Alexa Sponcia moved to Knoxville TN from Jacksonville, FL in the fall of 2009.  She felt something calling her to a new place, a place of redemption: It was Jesus calling her to this new life to bring rebirth from the ashes. She heard the Lord asking her, “Do you trust me? If so, I am calling you into a secret place, so follow me.” It’s from here Jesus rescued her from the chains of a life lived under the lies of the enemy and from addictions that were gripping her and keeping her from the life Christ had for her. Her only answer to how she escaped is Jesus, because, she says, “There isn’t any other explanation.”

Today Alexa is alive and thriving only because of Jesus’s love. Her deepest work is sharing her story and God’s story of grace and mercy as a means of loving others towards what Jesus offers: love, rescue and redemption.

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