Faith always involves fear.


Life throws you bullets and you have to be able to deal! So hard! We are all fearful of something. I am not talking about spiders or sharks, I am talking about a deep fear. Deep down there kind of fear. We all may not want to admit it but, it’s there. You can expose it early or let it run your life for a while until you decide you are DONE!

I am very fearful in many ways. Let’s talk a little about my life and fears! I am a little controlling (which my family may say I am A LOT controlling!), I am afraid to fail, I am afraid of not fully being known or heard.

Failing. Goodness I am afraid to fail. I hate disappointing people, you could say that there is a little people pleasing part to me! I rarely say or do certain things because I am nervous about failing. I become highly insecure and fearful. I hear the voices in my head saying “you can’t do it, just don’t try”, “your such a failure”, “your stupid.” Faith always involves fear. I have to take leaps of faith and there is always fear.

Most of everyone’s biggest fear is to be known. We all want to be heard. But to actually be known and completely vulnerable is SCARY. I spent a lot of my life always sharing too much information about myself, always giving out info that wasn’t necessary to give, and having a TON of friends. It seemed as though I was being known and vulnerable, but all the friends didn’t actually know the real Alexa.

It wasn’t until I moved to Knoxville and was able to be honest and have some freedom to let people actually see a little of the real me. It was hard, it was scary. You are putting your heart and soul out there and people can hurt you!!!! Then I got married! Talk about vulnerable. My husband and I are VERY honest with each other (maybe to a fault). We have the freedom to speak truth and life into each other’s lives. Sometimes (most of the time for me) it hurts. I am very sensitive, I get embarrassed, I want to defend. Its moments like those that I become known. I am in a safe place with my husband, I know he adores me and just wants to love me well, that’s why he is talking to me about these things. Faith in our Jesus for our marriage involves fear.

Speak Truth Even if Your Voice Shakes


Everywhere in the bible it speaks about Fear. “Do not Fear,” “Do not Fear, I am with you.” Fear has been an ongoing heartache for centuries. We’re NOT alone!!

Our experiences in our past paralyze us for the future. For example, I was in a bad car accident in the pouring rain years ago. Every time it rains, my anxiety while driving is through the roof. I am remembering every little detail of my accident. It paralyzes me. It makes sense that in a big picture of life we are paralyzed by our past and we are fearful now.

“To give place to fear is to accept its bondage”- Paula Rinehart

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face….You must do the thing you cannot do”- Eleanor Roosevelt

You must do the thing you cannot do. As we wrestle with the fear we gain wisdom and life back.

Life is short, fear is there and it creeps up. Acknowledge it, kick it in the face and by the Grace of God you will be able to live the life He has called you to.

I have so many things to be fearful about, trust me. Some days I do trust the Lord in all of it, but some days I do not! I cry out and ask why this way? Why is the injustice happening? Why am I not taking the leap and going fully toward what you have asked me to do?

Fear is a LIAR!


Keep going, don’t give up. Life on earth is so short compared to eternity in heaven. Make it count here. We are the body. Let us not be afraid to love people well (even if it’s the hardest thing to do), go into the world vulnerable or even speak honestly with your spouse.


Faith involves fear. Stop listening to the same record playing in your head telling you that you can’t do it. Your worth it, your valued, you’re His, You’re the daughter or son of the King!!

Your daddy runs the world!!

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