Love note

Just a love note…

I am watching over you continually. No matter what you are experiencing it how alone you feel, trust that I am with you- well aware of your circumstances. When you are in the throes of adversity, it is easy to feel abandoned. So it is crucial at such times to tell yourself truth. NOTHING can separate you from my loving presence. When this truth has sunk deeply into our min and heart, you are ready to commune with Me. You will find Me tenderly present with you as I enter into your suffering. The intimacy you share with me is enhanced by adversity when you invite Me into your experience without bitterness or resentment. To enjoy these intimate moments with Me, you much trust Me- refusing to rely on your own understanding. Trusting Me involves consciously leaning on Me for support, just as leaning on a massive rock helps you keep standing when you are weary. I am indeed The Rock of Your Refuge. 

Love Jesus

Rejoice in the One who supports you so strongly and loves you so tenderly. 


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