I WANT MORE!!!!!!!

He’s awakening the hope in me 
By calling forth my destiny 
He’s breathing life 
Into my soul 
I will thirst for 
Him and Him alone 

Sitting outside my restaurant and breathing in the spring air and letting the sunshine soak in my skin, I am begging, pleading and asking for MORE.  I look at this world, all the sickness, pain, brokenness and I beyond heartbroken for it all.  We all as individuals need a Hope Anthem. He will heal the sick, He will heal the brokenhearted, He will heal the pain.  He is alive here. I want more Hope, Joy, Peace and Healing.

What is our Hope set on? What is our families value system based on?  Are we asking for more from Him?

Well, let me tell you friends…THERE IS MORE.  He calls us to greater things.  He is our Father, He doesn’t skimp on His children.  Some of us in our low days think we are only allowed the crumbs from the Fathers table.  We think that or we act like we are the second class citizens in His kingdom.

He has come like the rain 
That showers on the barren plain 
So my heart and tongue confess 
Jesus, Christ the Hope of man 

When you adopt a child that means, that child IS your family, IS your blood.  You don’t give your child from adoption anything different from a child you gave birth to right? NO! He has adopted us, chosen us and will keep choosing us daily even when we run.

We don’t get the crumbs, We get to sit at His table with Him…..GO AND SIT and FEAST.

He is our Hope.  He is our Everything. Ask for more.

He’s inviting us into deeper, closer and a secret place…..GO!  I want to go, I will go as far as He will take me.  I am asking for more of Him.

Soak in this today

Alexa 🙂

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